November 26, 2015

2015 Photo Contest Exhibition Entries and Results

The quality of entries in the JETAA Wellington Japan Photo Contest was again extremely high this year, so we thought it would be great to share those entries with you. Below are the photos currently on display at the Japan Information and Cultural Centre under the three categories of People, Places, and Things. Click on the photos to bring up a larger image (though only slightly, we are limited in the size of files we can upload).



Winner: Lehyla Heward – Three tourist girls walking the Higashiyama district

Runner-up: Izumi Uchida – Oiran Dochu (Geisha-girl) in Nikko Edo Mura










Winner: Nathan Crookes – The Kintai Bridge

Runner-up: Michael Edridge – Mt Yotei, Hokkaido










Winner: Jesse Whitehead – The more the merrier!!

Runner-up: Fiona Howat – Teddys sunning themselves in Kyoto