2019 Japan Photo Contest NOW OPEN! Rules & Entry Forms

JETAA Wellington’s annual Japan Photo Contest is back for another year! The contest is open to any amateur photographers who have been to Japan.

2019 entries are now open until 20 November.

Since 2014, we have organised a community photo contest for people to show off their best photos of Japan. The best entries are displayed in the Japan Information & Cultural Centre (JICC)  and voted on by the public. At the end, we host a small awards ceremony with food and drinks to announce the winners and present prizes.

You can check out last year’s finalists here.

This year’s categories are:

  • Pop Culture
  • Places
  • Pets
  • Postcards from JETs
    (note: the Postcards category is only for current JET Programme participants; Pop Culture, Places,Pets are open to anyone and everyone!)

You are free to interpret the categories however you like


Download and fill in the appropriate entry form below and attach it to an email along with your photo(s) to JETAA Wellington by Wednesday, 20 November 2019.

We ask that submitted photos:

  • Were taken in Japan
  • Belong to you
  • Are the highest image resolution possible (for printing)


The JETAA Executive will select photos from each category for public display and voting at the JICC, which will take place between 25 November – 10 December.


Winners will be announced on the evening of 10 December at the JICC.

  • The winner of each category (Pop Culture, Places, Pets) will receive a printed canvas of their winning photo, plus a $50 voucher to Tatsushi
  • The runner up for each category (Pop Culture, Places, Pets) will receive is a $30 voucher to Tatsushi
  • The winner of the Postcards from JETs category will receive a special Kiwi care package full of things from home


If you have questions just email us. You can also keep up to date via this page and the JETAA Wellington Facebook.