JETAA Wellington is Now More Social!

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As part of our renewed communication efforts, and to make it as easy as possible to keep up with what JETAA Wellington is doing, we’ve expanded our social media presence! You can now find us on the following networks:

Our Facebook Group: JETAA Wellington

Here is where members can share and discuss what they’re up to and ask questions of other members. Got a personal project? Throwing a party? Want to meet up for dinner? Do it here!

Our Facebook page: JETAA Wellington

This is where we’ll post our official updates and communications for Facebook, so be sure to click Like and set to Following!

Our Twitter: @JETAAWellington

Along with pictures, interesting stories, and the occasional meme, we’ll also use Twitter to send out quick reminders for upcoming events!

Our Instagram: @JETAAWellington

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is where you’ll find pictures of any time JETAA Wellington gets together! Make sure to tag us in your photos of any of our events you attend.

Of course, you can find plenty here on the website, which makes it easy to see our most recent updates and upcoming events!